Project information:

The aim of the project consists of the creation and development of final structure which should not require permanent fixtures, is light weight for ease of transport to a given location/ context, and lightweight for the ease to build the structure. The structure should maintain a purpose towards a given location in which its portrayed in and should have approaches which help to tackle to help air-pollution, climate change, noise-pollution, security, and safety. The design must consist of a structure of approximately 3m x 3m x 3m, and must support the weight of 19 stones, the structure should consist of an elevated platform at which is approximately 1m above ground level.

The objective is to make a precise collapsed structure that structures two components; sharp geometric properties of the shapes that frame the structure and collapsed speaking to the route in which the structure is built. We will concentrate on making a structure that utilizes triangles, interlocking into each other. By interlocking the triangles together, we will attempt and pass on the reason for unwinding and speaking with each other in an open area. The Cube: the mix of different interlocking triangles that make a solid shape. It is an improvement of a past structure that comprised of triangular shapes and interlocking. The reproduction of the structure included encountering with comparative shapes.